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Security and Firearms License

Georgia Basic Security Certification  The Georgia 24 Hour Basic Security Certification for unarmed security includes the basic principles of security, report writing, interviewing techniques, crime, and accident prevention techniques, Overview of Section 43-38, Code of Georgia, Overview of chapter 16 and 17 of Georgia Code, Bore Rules 509, etc. All course materials will comply with O.C.G.A. 43-38-1 The Georgia Private Detective and Security Agencies Act and  Georgia Board of Private Detective and Security Agencies Rule Rule 509-3-.02. Available 100% Online         Georgia Armed Security Certification The Georgia 16 Hour Armed Security Certification sis an addition to your Basic  security certification this course includes the principles firearm safety, Selection of a handgun, Care and cleaning of a handgun, Georgia Laws 16-3-21 ,17-4-20, 16-1-3(5), 16-1-3(6), Title 42, USC Sec. 1983; situations which justify use of...

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